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Job structure analysis

Find efficiency killers and time-eaters. Gain accurate data on bottlenecks, efficiency gaps, time killers and time-wasting routines.

Continuous improvement process

Multimomentanalysis should be an integral part of the continuous Plan-Do-Check-Act-Cycle (PDCA-Cycle).

Check distribution of tasks

Find out whether the focus of the task fulfillment is on the main process or whether too much effort is spent on the secondary processes.


A multi-moment study can show you the current status and helps to reveal further digitalisation potentials.

Use of work equipment and personnel

Are the personnel and equipment used to perform the tasks correctly dimensioned ?

Ask us !

Based on many successful projects and years of experience in the field of sampling studies, we will be happy to help you and check whether our system can provide the right solution for your problem.

a cloud solution for sampling solutions

With the help of a wizard, the first basic settings are taken over: question posing, query interval, participant, ...

Additional configurations like attributes, anonymization levels and dimensions ...

Smartphone, web client or PC application ... all options are available to the participants. Real-time monitoring of the study progress.

Comprehensive analysis, evaluation, reporting and export tools are available in our system.

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How to gain accurate, current data on bottlenecks, efficiency gaps, time-killers and time-wasting routines in your organization

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