Multi Moment Analysis

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process optimization and better leadership

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quick analysis, recognition, and enhancement of job responsibilities, tasks, performance competencies, and organizational work flows, ...

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Multi Moment Analysis (MMA)

Because every Moment counts

How to gain accurate, current data on Bottlenecks, Efficiency Gaps, Time-Killers And Time-wasting Routines in your Organization

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Use our toolset to measure your processes

Use our toolset to measure your processes

With our tool for execution of the multi-moment-analysis you can get an accurate picture of the activities and the time spend to the individual activity by your staff. Based on the results , you can make the right decisions cases which processes need to be optimized and what results are expected.

receive meaningful statistics about your efficiency

receive meaningful statistics about your efficiency

From the basis of the analysis you will receive meaningful charts, which show the efficiency killer within the defined processes.

The Application

The Application

Have all your Studies under control.

Mobile Device

Mobile Device

Just answer the simple question: What are you doing now? and answer it by selecting the right process and step.

Web Client

Web Client

For participants who are working at a fix desk or places where mobile devices are not allowed a web client is available which runs on your browser.

  • General Manager Central Europe

    Mauro Cosetti

    Never Ever Assume This is exactly the right tool you need to make the best decisions based on numbers, data and facts and not assumptions.
    The Multi Moment Analysis application provides exactly the facts you need to make decision in a remarkable simple manner.

  • BSc Chemistry, MBA Innovation Management

    Andreas Schild

    “The MMA is hands-down the most effective and efficient method to reliably quantify any business process”.
    This is the one sentence explanation I still use today to describe the MMA to somebody new to the theme. After personally carrying out many MMA studies, several of them for fortune 500 companies, and seeing the results and the initiatives sparked and supported by its results first hand, I am convinced that this method will further grow in popularity and go from insider tip to mainstream in a short amount of time.

  • Cushion consultancy

    Thomas van Zanten

    We used the web-based version of the MMA app at an international pre-conference workshop on paperless trajectories and legacy replacement within laboratories. The app easily allowed for providing a live demonstration on the importance of real and self-collected process data, instead of educated guesses. Without having to cede any personal information, participants used the app on their own mobile instead. A quick analysis on the results could immediately be shown on screen. So far, I have not seen any other app being so persuasive. Even this quick analysis already allowed participants to instantly translate the method to their own laboratory context.

  • IT Consultant, wega Informatik AG

    Joachim Thewalt

    Facts instead of assumptions by developing a concept!

  • Roy Sailer

    Die Multimomentanalyse (MMA) ermöglicht uns heute in kurzer Zeit sehr viel mehr über unsere Prozesse zu erfahren. Die beschriebene Vorgehensweise lässt sich, unabhängig von Branchen und Unternehmensgrößen, einsetzen, um so manche Schätzung zu verifizieren oder neue Erkenntnisse zu gewinnen. Dieses Tool hilft jedem mit der gewonnenen Einsicht, in sehr kurzer Zeit, mit oftmals kleinen Änderungen, einen sehr großen Vorteil für sein Unternehmen zu erzielen.

Multi Moment Analysis