Activity sampling within an activity structure analysis

Activity sampling within an activity structure analysis

An activity structure analysis provides details about the tasks  performed along the value chain. A work sampling study provides us with information about the percentage of work input spent on the single tasks. Is it possible to obtain this information in a single step ?

As always, the answer here is yes and no - with a clear tendency to yes! With the help of the tool the individual tasks can be grouped together and given additional dimensions, which can also be used for evaluation at any time. Work sampling in self administration shows the tasks the individual is doing and how time is spent on it.

Solution with this work sampling tool

Adding additional dimensions enables us to evaluate the collected data according to several parameters:

  • core activity, secondary activity or organizational activities
  • value-adding or no value-adding
  • part of the main or the service process
  • part of the job description

If a sequence analysis is carried out using the results of the activity sampling the activity structure analysis can already be omitted in many cases !

Due to the additional dimensions that can be used in the context of the work sampling study, the biggest time wasters in the daily routine, unclear task distributions and delimitations as well as deviations between job descriptions and actual tasks can be clarified in advance.

The nature of work sampling in self administration in combination with the modern multidimensional approach of makes it possible to obtain this information within a few days with a relatively small core team.

A work sampling study in the run-up to an activity structure analysis can already answer a lot of the questions with much less effort and thus it provides informative facts and figures - also as a basis for a subsequent activity structure analysis.