Using an activity analysis to make business operations efficient despite a shortage of skilled workers

The German labor market in 2022 is primarily one thing: empty. According to an article in DIE ZEIT from August 2022 (, there is currently a shortage of more than half a million skilled workers. The personnel shortage is particularly severe in the social professions, the skilled trades and information technology. There is a shortage of workers across all sectors - almost two million vacancies were reported in Germany for the second quarter of the current year. This is the highest figure since the statistical survey began in 1992!

As a result, companies are under particular pressure. Global competition is getting tougher and tougher, while at the same time work processes and routines are becoming increasingly complex. To survive in today's market, companies are forced to continuously optimize existing structures. In summary, this means that fewer and fewer employees have to take on more and more work.

New strategic approaches are indispensable to ensure that the workforce can handle the workload - if the efficiency of the company is to be maintained and employees are not to be overburdened. But how can the right resources be deployed in the right place at the right time?

The open secret ...

... lies in predictable, measured and accurate data. Because data-driven decision-making is one of the best tools for introducing efficient workflows, identifying gaps in production cycles, and shrinking bloated administrative processes to an economical, tolerable level. This is because data offers a unique opportunity: it can be scrutinized in all directions, evaluated in detail and provides the most accurate insights into current operational processes.

With an activity analysis, a digitally supported approach is available to collect data easily, quickly and without disrupting operations. Employees are asked to record current activities at random times during their work. All that is needed for this is a smartphone. Real-time recordings, completely anonymized of course, enable the collection of enormous amounts of data - the perfect basis for analyses in any, desired dimension. During an activity analysis, reference variables can be easily defined, allowing simulations to be run on specific scenarios. In combination with individual questions, those responsible receive verifiable statements on effectiveness, required employees or the existing infrastructure in the company.

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