Where has my time gone?

From numerous reflection meetings, we are familiar with the phenomenon that employees are busy throughout the day - but at the end of the day, they don't know exactly WHAT they have done. The loss of working time outside of the main processes can hardly be recorded with common analysis options - for example a value stream analysis. Yet it is precisely here that countless optimization opportunities for a company are hidden. With a work sampling analysis, time losses caused by duplicated work or unclear responsibilities can be reliably detected and subsequently eliminated.

Small livestock also makes crap

Especially with the countless small tasks of the day, there is often a lack of clear regulations as to who exactly is responsible for their completion. Somehow, all employees feel responsible - and perform secondary tasks when there is time. From printing forms to carrying out organizational tasks to sending out the daily mail: Small and very small time-consumers are usually processed haphazardly. And sometimes twice, if colleague A doesn't know what colleague B already did yesterday. The wasted minutes add up to many hours at the end of the month, which were wasted unproductively.

Create clarity with a work sampling study

With modern, digital tools such as our multi-moment analysis, the countless small tasks within a company are systematically recorded - and this is done quite "incidentally" by the employees involved. In a short time, a systematic overview of all activities can be created, allowing tasks to be categorized and reassigned. Or it can be determined that tasks can simply be omitted. Employees are enabled to plan their days efficiently. And wasting time is a thing of the past!

Would you like to learn more about the numerous ways in which a work sampling analysis can be used in your company? Would you like to free your employees' working time from duplicate, unnecessary and thus unproductive activities? Then give us a call right now and arrange a personal consultation with us!