What is actually an ... activity structure analysis?

Whenever the topics of lean management, process optimization or continuous improvement processes come up in a company, technical terms are always used whose content is not obvious at first glance. Therefore, we will take a closer look at certain technical terms from time to time. Today, we will start with the term "activity structure analysis" - an unwieldy word, but one whose application and implementation holds enormous potential.

Activity - Person - Time

An activity structure analysis is a tool from the field of lean management. The activity structure analysis serves to record all activities (ergo activities) of an employee during a defined period of time. The activities or the data obtained from the activities are placed in an overall context. The activity structure analysis is carried out either by external or self-observation. A wide variety of conditions can be determined, for example the amount of time lost for activities such as documentation or setting up and rearranging the work environment. The distance traveled for the activities to be examined can also be determined.

The goal: The overall context

Once the activity structure analysis has been completed, the individual times and activities determined are placed in an overall context. This makes it possible to identify anomalies in the flow of a process. Among other things, conspicuous features can be inefficient processes or waste.
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