Making employees happier with the work sampling analysis.

Making employees happier with the work sampling analysis.

Making employees happier with the work sampling analysis.

One of the most important tasks of management is to ensure the satisfaction of the workforce. After all, in times of a shortage of skilled workers and the "war on talents," motivated, satisfied employees are probably the most important resource for sustainable corporate success. In this context, many companies make a strategic mistake - by relying on numerical values that are supposed to represent the success of the company. Numbers are extremely precise in economic matters - however, they cannot or only inadequately represent important factors such as job satisfaction. With the work sampling analysis, you can quickly, efficiently and economically determine the "happiness factor" in your workforce - and thus know how your employees are really satisfied.

These factors make your employees really happy

Many companies are still convinced that a good salary alone is enough to satisfy employees - and retain them in the long term. However, it has been shown time and again that a good salary is only half the battle. Much more relevant for an "all-round satisfaction" of the workforce are many small, individual factors such as:

- Adaptation of the workplace to individual ideas
- Optimal room temperatures
- Pleasant lighting
- Lowest possible noise pollution
- Distance of the workplace from the home
- Quality of work equipment
- Ergonomic design of the workplace

These small and minute factors have one thing in common: they cannot be determined at all or only inadequately using conventional methods. Companies cannot get any further here with purely "global" numerical values - the demands of each individual employee are too individual.

Increasing employee motivation and satisfaction with the multi-moment survey

The work sampling analysis is an extremely effective tool when it comes to increasing employee satisfaction. Because it is so easy to carry out - and can be carried out by any employee without any additional effort - a work sampling analysis provides a highly detailed and individualized picture of the needs of a company's employees. The results can then be used to precisely optimize each workplace. This increases motivation and the enjoyment of daily work - and is a guarantee that talent remains firmly tied to the company.

Would you like to know how exactly the work sampling analysis works and how you can apply the method in a targeted manner in your company? Then give us a call right away! We look forward to introducing you to the fascinating possibilities of modern, digitally supported multi-moment recording in detail!