Work sampling analysis as a Service: We significantly reduce your workload!

Work sampling analysis as a Service: We significantly reduce your workload!

Work sampling analysis as a Service: We significantly reduce your workload!


Simply rent software instead of buying it: The SaaS model (Software as a Service) also offers tangible benefits for your company when using our Work sampling analysis! What differentiates SaaS from on-premise solutions and how exactly you can benefit from the diverse application possibilities of our tool, we reveal to you in this article.

What does SaaS actually mean?

With Software-as-a-Service, you don't have to buy software, but simply "rent" the corresponding solutions at the click of a mouse. This means that you neither have to invest in your IT nor do you need time-consuming setup phases. With SaaS, the required software is provided directly by the provider via a cloud. The user is responsible for functionality, applies updates and security patches, and provides sufficient computing power for flawless, reliable operation. With SaaS solutions, you outsource installation and maintenance efforts, keep IT infrastructure investments low, and can use the tools completely independent of device, time, and location.

The advantages of work sampling analysis as SaaS

Compared to on-premise solutions, SaaS models offer the following advantages in daily use:
- No maintenance effort
- No complicated installations
- No investment in IT infrastructure
- Completely device-, time- and location-independent usability
- Use of all licenses worldwide at any location
- Greatest flexibility in the selection of study participants and study locations
- Scalability of monthly costs

Our Work sampling analysis: As flexibly available as you wish!

Of course, you can use our powerful Work sampling analysis tool not only "as-a-service". Although we are happy to recommend the solution hosted and supported by us to our customers, we are of course also happy to provide you with the tool "in the traditional way" as an on-premise alternative. You can run with freely selectable licenses on your own servers or as a local installation on one or more devices. Hybrid solutions are also part of our portfolio.

If you would like to learn more about the areas of application, the expected monthly costs and the advantages of our SaaS solution, or if you have general questions about Work sampling analysis, please write to us or give us a call. We are already looking forward to helping your company to even more performance with our tools soon!