The two variants of the multimoment recording

The two variants of the multimoment recording

The multimoment recording is an observation technique and has the goal of winning statistically secured quantities or time consumptions of events defined in advance from name-giving snapshots. Through the multimoment recording, a statement about the percentage frequency or about the duration of repetitive events is thus made possible. In principle, a distinction is made between two variants of multimoment recording: The multimoment frequency counting method and the multimoment time measurement method. We will take a closer look at both options today.

The multimoment frequency counting method

The variant with the admittedly somewhat unwieldy name is used in the context of randomly distributed, sample-like observations. Here, the multimoment frequency counting method is used to count occurring events. Via variables in the sample size and the sample structure, the accuracy of the procedure can be influenced and scaled in detail. From the results, the time shares of the respective event can be statistically determined as a percentage.

The multimoment time measurement method

This variant works according to the same principle as the frequency counting method. However, with the multi-moment time measurement method, the exact time of observation is recorded. Thus, this variant can be used to determine the duration of the observed events.

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