Planning, setting up, conducting and evaluating multi-moment studies

Planning, setting up, conducting and evaluating multi-moment studies

Multimoment studies reveal undiscovered potential, can streamline entrenched processes and increase competitiveness. Multimoment studies are also really easy to implement - for projects of individuals as well as for small teams or on enterprise level. The key to successful multi-moment analyses lies in a digital system that simplifies planning tasks, efficiently performs the onboarding of the target group, and works reliably during monitoring and subsequent evaluation and analysis. Find out here what our web-based evaluation system for self-recorded multimoment studies can do.

Everything in view at all times, from planning to evaluation

Our system includes a completely web-based planning, control and evaluation system for multi-moment studies. From the definition of the objectives and the necessary questions to the definition of the target group to be measured and freely definable parameters, our system is your reliable helper in the planning phase of a multi-moment study. During onboarding, you use our system to control the selection of the target group and the rollout to the participants, as well as the technical and content-related testing in cooperation with the participants. During the multimoment analysis, our system monitors the study progress in real time - and delivers interim analysis and results at the push of a button. Once the study has been successfully completed, it's time for evaluation and analysis. Here, our system offers integrated evaluation tools for Pivotin, the creation of reports and charts, and also enables the export of data to Microsoft Excel.

A few highlights of our system

A major advantage of our system for multimoment analysis is the simplified administration. This allows you to easily run multiple multi-moment studies in parallel while having different project staff handle the administration. All project settings, participants, questions and necessary rules can be freely defined or created based on templates. And once you have successfully conducted a multi-moment study, our system offers an individual, clear and meaningful analysis of the collected data. Enriched with graphics, reports and dashboards, our system makes the results even more visible.
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Participating in the multimoment analysis is easy

Participating in the multi-moment analysis is so easy and convenient for all participants with our system. Participation in the study can be done via smartphones, Windows application or via a webApp. This ensures timely responses with the highest degree of correctness.

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