Work Sampling in Home Office

The Corona crisis forces many companies with their employees into the home office. Teams that were not used to this work situation can get into trouble due to organizational and/or communicative weaknesses - these are revealed. So what could be more obvious than to conduct an activity sampling right now?

You don't think you can do it? With the toolset from, it is very easy to create such a work sampling study on the basis of a multimoment snapshot. It can also be easily integrated into a lively home office working day, does not burden and delivers valid data in real time.

Now is the right time

Perhaps now is the right time to initiate your continuous improvement process (CIP). Gain the decisive competitive advantage that can help you lead your company through the Conorna period and into the post-Corona period - even through this storm. The valuable facts and figures made accessible by the multimomentary snapshot can help to effectively distribute work processes and tasks, especially in the home office, and not to lose sight of tasks for which nobody suddenly feels responsible but which have to be performed in a way that is elementary for the survival of the company.

Activity Sampling in the home office

With it is easy and effective to measure the processes also in the home office in order to prevent organizational and communication problems!