What makes work sampling the optimal tool for the manufacturing industry?

In the "classical" industry - mechanical engineering, apparatus engineering or machining - small and smallest details are often important. With workpieces, thousandths of a millimetre decide between success and rejects, with machines, a few kW of drive power decide between suitable or unsuitable, and in order to get an order, it often has to be calculated down to the cent.

In order to stand out from the competition in such a highly technological environment, not only innovative strength, entrepreneurial skills and technically skilled employees are required. It also requires an overview of all the small details that occur daily in production, quality assurance or administration. This is exactly where activity sampling, or also work sampling, comes in. It is a special statistical technique that serves to collect data and information within a company.

This is what work sampling does

There are several requirements which are decisive for the success of a company in the manufacturing industry and which must be fulfilled. A prerequisite for success is the optimal adaptation of production to production-supporting processes. To ensure that the components leave the company consistently in the highest quality and on schedule, efficiently organized quality assurance, lean administrative structures and optimal time management are required. In order to increase competitiveness, continuous investment is required - in manpower, machines or both at the same time.


Work sampling provides detailed information on all the above points - and many more - in an easily accessible form. Through comprehensive, yet simple and, above all, data collection in compliance with data protection regulations, the activity study answers questions relevant to the company. Does the previously calculated time span fit the corresponding production process? Is the administration powerfully organized or bloated and inefficient? Can simple tasks be delegated to employees that cost less - and what investments can be made to ensure the best possible future for the company?

Does your company also need such answers and additional detailed information?

Or are you about to invest in a new business field, but you do not want to increase the number of your own employees or outsource? If you would like to know whether time is being wasted in your company by unnecessary work steps or if there is negligence: Just give us a call! We would be happy to inform you without obligation about the many advantages that work sampling studies can provide for your manufacturing company. We are looking forward to inspiring you soon with the work sampling with our multimomentanalysis.com - toolset!