A Perfect day of a sales man

As a salesperson, time management is without doubt one of the most difficult tasks to master. Giving one customer preference over another can make the difference between a successful deal and a missed opportunity. With invested time, the foundation can be laid for a month of strong sales - or for a severe setback if the time was misused. Sales employees always have several tasks to complete, preferably at the same time, and the day is always too short to be considered the "perfect day of a sales man".

Really always? Find out here how work an activity sampling can identify time burners, effectiveness gaps and time-consuming work routines in everyday sales life.

What are actually the biggest time killers in sales?

Those who manage cannot actively conduct sales conversations. But without administration there is no way in sales, no matter whether in the office or in the field. It is not for nothing that administrative tasks are among the biggest time eaters that sales people have to deal with. Another time thief, especially for sales representatives, is the prospective customer. Namely, whenever this appointment is cancelled at short notice. As a salesperson, unproductive time often has to be bridged in this case - unless you can immediately switch to other, worthwhile activities. Appointments that have been kept can also waste time - if they are filled with excessive banter instead of goal-oriented, conclusion-oriented discussions. Or take the annual trade fairs. How much time is spent idle as a sales man instead of customer appointments? How often do you "chat" with existing customers at the table instead of fishing for new contacts? Even long-serving salespeople are often surprised how much time they actually spend on unproductive activities during a normal working week. Because it is exactly these times that work sampling with the multimomentanalysis shows.

Work sampling in sales

multimomentanalysis uses a special statistical procedure based on activity and work sampling. The concept is used to obtain data and information within a company or department. The main objective of the multimomentanalysis is to provide data and facts for the distribution of effort. The analysis thus makes it possible to differentiate value-creating goals and activities from time wasters. If, as an active salesperson, you want to know which avoidable work processes waste your time, or if you want to find out how effective your working methods really are, you should allow the multimomentanalysis to take a short break from your work. With little set-up effort, the procedure provides you with all the information you need to increase and improve performance in all areas.

Time is money - this is especially true in sales. Make more of your time now. And turn the next day into your very own "perfect day of a sales man"!