Discover your company's potential in terms of digitization!

Discover your company's potential in terms of digitization!

The Corona pandemic has also triggered the turbo for digitization in Germany. More and more companies are relying on digitized supply chains, optimized production lines and global networking. Even home office, long branded as inefficient, has been introduced in many companies since COVID19. Digitization focuses on automating and optimizing processes - regardless of whether the focus is on services, software or hardware. The key to success here is small and tiny steps that are tested again and again. In this way, maximum transparency and clarity can be achieved with little effort and in a short time. With a multi-moment study, you can identify the open digitization potential in your company in just a few days - and pinpoint any "construction sites" that are still open.

It all depends on the employees!

A multimoment study integrates all employees of a company. Because one thing is certain: only those who carry out the processes and tasks at their workplace on a daily basis know where optimization and digitization potentials lie. And of course, it is also up to the employees to carry out the implementation of new strategies in the context of digitization. We are convinced that digitization cannot be delegated - rather, this process must be lived! A multi-moment study relies on the expertise and experience of each individual employee - and thus integrates them into the decision-making process.

Not everything can be digitized!

Not every process within a company can be digitized! No one knows this better than the employees who perform the individual activities and tasks day in and day out. The multi-moment study starts with the employees' wealth of knowledge - and only requires two simple questions to uncover further potential for comprehensive digitization:

What are you doing right now? What are you using to complete this task?

Can't quite imagine how the multi-moment study is supposed to uncover previously undiscovered potential in your company? Then get in touch with us right now! We look forward to showing you the many possibilities of a multimoment study in detail!