Activity Sampling as a cloud solution

Activity Sampling as a cloud solution: How you benefit from our SaaS model.

With our tool for activity and work sampling, you rely on a digital solution for performing sampling procedures for statistical statements about the frequency of events. So far, so familiar.

Simple, fast, inexpensive and global

With the SaaS model, our customers get the full spectrum of convenience. From setup and necessary settings to the first deployment, our experts take care of smooth operation. Lengthy installation routines are a thing of the past! The activity sampling as SaaS is immediately ready for use. Even if your company does not have a high-performance IT infrastructure. All you need is access to the Internet and appropriate Internet-enabled end devices. We take care of the rest. Once the setup is complete, you can immediately use your licenses worldwide and at any location. Of course, measurements outside your company are also possible - our solution works with all common smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Save on IT and maintenance costs

With "on-premises" solutions, you assume the costs for necessary IT infrastructure. Your company must also regularly perform maintenance tasks, such as applying updates or patches. If your company does not have an IT team and you would like to save the sometimes high acquisition costs for powerful IT, our SaaS Sample Study solution is the optimal alternative. The costs for our cloud model are extremely flexible: You only pay for the licenses you really need to conduct your studies!


Would you like to learn more about the many advantages that our low-cost cloud solution offers for conducting your studies? Then give us a call right now and arrange a no-obligation consultation with our experts!