Study Setup


The surface "Project" allows you a complete overview of your whole MMA Study at on click.
You have your study/your studies under control at every moment.

Project is the core surface of your work and functions as your steering wheel.
Just be seated please! It is on you to rule the MMA now.


This segment is one of the most important parts of study preparation. All participants will be filled in the website surface according to their importance for the study. The segment "Participants" is very important to set the range of your MMA - next to your defined dimensions. To gain the insights you want you can assign any of the 5 free customizable dimensions. Make MMA work for you. Then define the selected processes in the next step.


In this part you define which types of processes as observable functions within your study should be present. The possible catalogue of processes is depending on the target of the Multi Moment Analysis (MMA). It is decisive that the types of processes are uniquely recognisable and easily differentiated. The basis of the processes should reflect real observations in the daily work environment - typical activities, work tools and places should be gathered. A clear arrangement of the needed processes allow the later collection of data from the participants in the typically smooth way of MMA.

Process Groups

By using process groups you have the possibility to group processes and tasks together and assign them to corresponding participants. Changing a paramater in the process group will affect all assigned participants. This makes administration of a bigger study very easy an comfortable.


With our system, you have the ability to define up to 5 user defined dimensions for a detailled analysis, e.g. Business Roles, Locations, Organizations, …


Categories define some important key points in the final analysis as they structure the grouping parameters of your survey. Give some attention to an exact attribution of the categories. You are assisted by the filling forms.

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