Reporting & Analysis


Here we get right to the heart of MMA: The final Multi-Moment-Analysis results ready at your hand.

Enrich your final report with a number of outstanding and colorful graphics, additional reports and dashboards to make the results even more visible.
For example choose among numerous inprocess graphics and a range of various other graphics.
Customize your charts according to your personal needs and taste. Also apply a number of filter functions which make your results more exact and more significant. This part of the application is a skillful, powerful and playful area just to serve all your needs in order to understand your business. We make it easy for you to gain this special deep understanding which makes the very difference in competition. 

MMA gives you the understandling to put your visions into reality. Every moment.

Whatever way of display for the data you finally choose: MMA always allows a personal, clear and expressive analysis of the collected data.


Creating your personal MMA study report is very easy. 
You have so many possibilities and features to just get your perfect individual report setting the emphasises where ever you want and where they are needed.
Also edit and download the report to your own computer system afterwards.

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Multi Moment Analysis