Measurable goals for strategic initiatives

The industries has never been more under pressure to create knowledge and to transform it to value in ever shortening business cycles than today. At the same time, processes have never been more complex and challenging, resulting in a massive output of data. This requires the business to constantly develop and adapt its processes, systems and organizations to keep up with these rising demands. On the other hand, cost pressure is another major factor to consider. In conclusion, it is vital to apply the limited resources in the most efficient manner at the right place. The Multi Moment Analysis (MMA) is the tool that can provide the data to make these decisions.

Any strategic initiative needs clear targets that are supported by measurable data. Supported by modern technology, the Multi Moment Analysis (MMA) offers a fast and reliable analysis to improve the organization and its processes. It is based on anonymous self-recording activities supported by smartphone technology and statistical analysis that can provide a multi-dimensional distribution of effective effort values for each process step. Slice and dice analysis and reporting expose the big time killers in the current work processes and traces it back to its source.

  • How much potential for improvement should you expect from your projects and what future work-distribution can be expected?
  • What effects would different scenarios have on the workload and net cash flow?

The MMA provides answers based on measured facts for your project with the analysis of the current state, so you create a suggestion for an ideal future state, and the recommendation of suitable solutions and their implementation.

Multi Moment Analysis