A lot of industries face real pressure today. Business cycles have become extremely short due to global competition and shareholder value. Many businesses have to develop innovations and create more value in a steadily shrinking time cycle. On the other hand processes and routines get more and more complex. To perform companies are forced to adapt routines, administrative processes and organizations continuously and fast. Not to forget the cost pressure which limits resources especially when it comes to the human factor. Less people have to do more work could be the current motto of many businesses. Limited resources demand a sophisticated strategic approach to ensure efficiency. Efficient routines also pamper employee’s motivation, which is an important key factor for success. The right resources at the right place at the right time could be a fitting description of the approach.

Questions to be answered

  • Do you know how everybody in your company spends his time just now?
  • Do you know if these activities are useful, effective and parnt of business success?
  • Do you know the bottlenecks and weaknesses in the working processes?
  • Do you see the chances and potential to optimize working processes in future?
  • o Where exactly are these chances?
  • Do you really know which project should have the highest priority?
  • Are you able to measure the efficiency of processes based on the right data?

Typical Processes to be analyzed

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Production

Expected Results

With the MMA you can expect the following results:

  • You will have the best foundation to make correct and fast decisions for your efficiency and productivity projects taking into account all pros and cons.
  • You now have a basis upon which to initiate your optimization activities by communicating the right arguments for urgency and focus on the essentials
  • You gain the key information to guide the future work processes of your organization with the best focus and review activities.
  • You make decisions based on the collected data which will be accepted by all.
  • For process optimization activities you take logical and measurable steps.

Factsheet "MMA for Leadership and Management" (pdf)

Multi Moment Analysis