Human Resources

The implementation of distinct processes in your company secures smooth procedures in the whole system. The quality of all processes is ensured while the cost and added value efficacy is bolstered.

It should be the defined aim to initiate excellent procedures in the management of Human Resources. It is especially vital to harmonize personal capacities and management procedures. Also core business processes and supporting procedures should be thoroughly observed. Improvements can make a real difference here. Ideal process quality is required in all sections.

Non-automated processes in Human Resources quickly turn ineffective. Different roles and media breaks amplify this effect and decelerate the whole process run.

In order to slim down procedures especially in the administrative field and to gain more efficacy a precise analysis is needed. Bottlenecks can be identified and improvements installed.

Typical procedures which should be analyzed:

  • Recruitment
  • Access of Personnel
  • Mutations
  • Withdrawal of Personnel
  • Wage Accounting
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Staff Development
  • Organization Development
  • Operational Health Management
  • Employer Branding
  • Social Media
  • Digitalization

What to expect of your MMA Study:

  • You get an optimal basis to make fast and fitting decisions which encourage efficiency and productivity. You are enabled to factor in all advantages and disadvantages.
  • This way you have a foundation to insert improvements. Every moment you have the right arguments at hand to focus on the most important and urgent measurements. It is easy to convince stakeholders of necessary alterations.
  • You get key information to install future activities in your organization – while always having a perfect overview of everything.
  • You make decisions based on true-to-life data which will is generally accepted
  • All optimizing procedures are logically structured and performed in reasonable paces.

Factsheet "MMA for Human Ressources" (pdf)


Multi Moment Analysis