improve your processes - resources efficiently used!

How to improve your processes and use your resources efficiently

  • Are we doing the right things ... and are we doing these things right?
  • How - and where eaxctly - can we improve our existing processes, so that we use our scarce resources in the most way?
  • Are our decisions around these processes based on facts and figures ... or on "a feeling"?

If these questions made you think, then you've come to the right place.

  • We help you to measure your processes.
  • We help you to improve your efficiency.
  • We help you to save costs.

By the way: ISO 9001:2015 basically requires "fact-based decision-making".

Target group:

Anyone who needs to analyse processes and improve process efficiency in their company or department: Department heads, process managers, process owners, quality managers, C-level executives... and everyone interested in more efficient processes or multi-moment analysis.


  • What is a process and how can we measure it?
  • Why KPIs are not always useful... and why MMA is an alternative
  • What do I actually want to know? The fundamentals of MMA .
  • Where do we measure? Anatomy of an MMA study.
  • Short and simple: The actual sampling process
  • What does the result tell us? From data to knowledge.
  • Next steps: Change management, Implementation and Verification.


  • 1 full day
  • approx. 08h00 - 16h00 or 09h00 - 17h00.


  • German
  • English
  • French


EventSwitzerlandOutside Switzerland
In-house training up to 5 participants 3.490,00 CHF 3.490,00 EUR
In-house training up to 10 participants 5.950,00 CHF 5.950,00 EUR
Public seminars:

Basel, Zurich, Lausanne, Frankfurt, Milan
795,00 CHF

(Early bird: 695,00 CHF up to 6 weeks before the seminar)
795,00 EUR

(Early bird: 695,00 EUR up to 6 weeks before the seminar)


  • The price of the public seminars includes meals, coffee breaks [and participant documents]. All participants receive a free access for 500 data points @ 5 collaborators
  • For all in-house training, we can adapt the training to the specific needs and processes of your company (this may incur additional fees).
  • In addition to the tools, we can accompany you with the necessary expertise: we rely on experts with decades of experience in process management and quality management. Our experts can accompany you through the entirety of your process optimisation, from the initial idea through training and further education of your collaborators and the analysis of the results up to the planning and implementation of the improvements.

Are you interested? Please do not hesitate to request an offer, we're here to serve you.

Multi Moment Analysis