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The Multi Moment Analysis (MMA) has the main objective to provide reliable facts about the current work distribution. With such a study you can answer how much time is really spent on value-adding activities and more important is to find the efficiency killers. Like any organisation low-value activities can occur in many forms and are only subjectively felt and known by the workforce.

The Multi Moment Analysis (MMA) is a great methodology to find the quick wins that need to be addressed during an improvement initiative.

  • How much time is spent on manual transfer of electronically available data?
  • How much time do FTE’s spend on avoidable paper documentation work?
  • How much time do supervisors spend on checks?
  • How much time is wasted on avoidable system administration?
  • How much time is lost due to errors and corrective actions?
  • How much time is spent on data searching and data compilation?
  • How much time can be saved through automated data analysis and reporting?

The Multi Moment Analysis (MMA) provides the answers to these questions literally on the fingers tips in a fast and reliable manner.

Multi Moment Analysis