The 10 biggest advantages of work sampling

Benefits of work sampling studies

The multimoment survey as work or activity sampling method makes it possible to make statements about occurrence frequencies of defined activities or events easily, quickly and reliably. But do you know exactly what advantages a multimoment survey offers your company? We have compiled the greatest advantages of the procedure for you.

1. low effort

Compared to a statistical full survey, a multimoment analysis causes a significantly lower effort for the area to be observed during the implementation.

2. suitable for untrained participants

work sampling and activity sampling can be done by untrained participants after a short instruction. Extensive education or training is not necessary.

3. no impairment of work performance

The execution of a work sampling stuy only insignificantly impairs the employees concerned in their work.

4. high acceptance

After a short familiarization phase, work and activity sampling based on digital multimoment analysis offer a high level of acceptance by the area under consideration.

5. utilization tests simply carried out

With a multimomentanalysis based study, an overview of the general workload of an area in the company can be created easily and quickly. Are your employees too tightly scheduled? How often are your employees at work? How much time is spent on meetings during a workday? You get detailed results with the least amount of effort.

6. recognize optimization potentials

A multimoment analysis reliably identifies manual or analog work. The insights gained can subsequently be used to optimize existing work processes.

7. suitable for small and large companies

In order to be anonymous, the multimoment analysis should be carried out in areas with five or more employees. As an accompaniment to self-reporting, however, the multimoment survey is also ideally suited for evaluating larger areas with several thousand employees.

8. optimize office space

Especially in times of home office, multimoment analysis is ideally suited to put the utilization of office space to the test. From this, insights can be gained as to whether the available space can be optimized or used differently.

9. review personal behavior

Personal distribution times can also be easily put to the test with a multimoment analysis - an ideal tool for freelancers or employees in permanent home offices.

10. transparent and effective

With a work sampling study based on multimoment method you get a comprehensive, honest and transparent overview of any subprocesses in your company. With our modern and cloud-based software platform the studies can be carried out in no time at all.

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