How efficient is home office?

Not even 12 months ago, the subject of home office was undesirable in many companies. Obligatory presence in the office was considered the ultimate - and in the eyes of many employers the only way to maintain the efficiency of the company. More time is wasted in the home office than is productively spent on the actual work - this is the prevailing credo up and down the country.
And then came the Corona Virus. And with the new disease came an unprecedented lockdown, forcing both employers and employees to spend weeks or even months in the home office that had previously been so scorned. Even today, about half a year after the first corona cases in Europe, the virus still dominates our working world. 

Do not assume, but rely on reliable data!

Ever since home offices have been gaining ground throughout Europe, the question has been raised in companies and offices as to how reliably work can be carried out and how purposeful processes can be carried out "remotely". To answer this question, a thoroughly existential one, multi-moment analysis is the ideal solution. This extremely effective and above all easy-to-use sampling method is used to collect relevant, reliable data on specific issues. And all this without putting a great deal of strain on daily business or distracting employees. In addition, employers can use the multi-moment analysis to quickly obtain data that can be used in reports, analyses or for the design of various scenarios for decision-making. And thus also for answering the big question whether and to what extent home office influences the performance of individual employees and thus the entire company. 

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities of multi-moment analysis in relation to the home office? Then give us a call right away! We look forward to being able to inspire you soon with the flexible method of data acquisition!