work sampling - your chance to make work more flexible

During the Corona crisis, many companies are making experiences with flexible forms of work such as home office. Some companies and also many employees would like to maintain certain flexibilities beyond the pandemic period.

Other managers are very suspicious and maintain a fundamental scepticism towards these changes. In particular, they wonder whether productivity is not suffering from distractions in the home environment.

How can valid data be obtained quickly and effectively in order to better assess the possible advantages and weaknesses in the flexibility of working models?

With a work sampling study of the situation, this is a very simple matter. Facts and figures can be generated within a very short time, without seriously interrupting the daily workflow. The analysis method itself does not cause additional distraction for the employees. So if you consider working more flexibly in your company, you can use an activity sampling study to find further arguments to convince the last skeptics. In any case, flexible working models can also contribute to employee satisfaction. This may not be the first priority in these difficult times, but in the long term it is very important for the economic success of the entire company. Such a study will help you to take advantage of the opportunities that are also waiting for you in times of crisis, in addition to all the challenges.

Process optimizations and a continuous improvement process begin with a work sampling study ...