Five questions that any manager should ask himself over and over again...

The management of a company is an extensive, highly specialised and demanding activity. If you work in management, then you know how important continuous improvement processes are in your company. This is the only way to keep the ship on course - and your company on course for high performance. But do you also know which five questions you should ask yourself anew every day to guarantee your goals and their implementation? And do you know how multi-moment analysis can help you find answers to these questions?

Every manager should always ask himself the following questions:

  1. What are my tasks?
  2. How do the tasks and their results support my own performance?
  3. How do I know how to evaluate my performance?
  4. Where does the "entrepreneurial journey" go and what is the main goal?
  5. Are we as a company currently on the right track at all?


These questions are by no means only relevant for you as a manager - rather, these questions should be asked of the entire organization! For this purpose many companies already use Business Process Management tools. In this way a continuous improvement process is achieved. The tools are very powerful - but can be made even more efficient. Namely through the multimoment analysis already mentioned at the beginning.

What are the concrete benefits of multimoment analysis for me in management?

Multimoment Analysis can be used to support the continuous improvement process in a company. By directly transferring and measuring tasks and responsibilities into the Multi-Moment Study, new goals can be defined with little effort - which in turn can be checked with repeated measurement. The multimoment analysis thus makes goals and their implementation completely transparent - which is a key component of the consistent, continuous improvement process in a company.

Enter the multimoment analysis now - we would like to present the unique advantages of the Multimoment-Analysis in detail. Just give us a call and arrange your personal consultation appointment with us! We are sure that you will see the five questions from the beginning of the text with completely different eyes after our conversation!