Do you actually know which tools are actually used for what in your company?

Tools, aids, clamping technology or systems

In a company, a wide variety of things are used for daily work. But as a decision-maker, do you really know which tools are used by your teams for which tasks? Which task is performed every day with which tool? A transparent use of tools can reduce running costs, streamline processes and significantly reduce unproductive time. Multimoment analysis can be used to successfully determine tool usage through sampling methods.

The multi-torque analysis for determining tool usage

Multimoment analysis is not only used for statistical recording of activities, but can also be used for precise determination of tool or auxiliary tool usage. The multimoment study allows the free definition of questions and answers within a study. Thus, the participants can of course also be asked about the currently used work tools. The option of multiple answers ensures a representative picture at all times.

Making the use of work equipment transparent

The result of a multi-moment analysis shows in detail the use of individual work equipment - for example, telephones, desktops, pens, paper. This makes it easy to draw further conclusions, especially in connection with a digitization strategy. The method of random surveys at different points in time at various points along the value chain reliably uncovers non-digitized processes or breaks in the tools used.

If you also want to make the use of tools, aids or work equipment more transparent in the future and thus optimize processes in your company, then simply get in touch with us! We would be happy to explain the various possibilities of multimoment analysis to you in a personal meeting!