Clear objectives for your strategic initiatives

Clear objectives for your strategic initiatives

Companies and industries have never been under greater time pressure than today when it comes to obtain new insights and information and feeding them profitably into the change processes.

At the same time processes have never been more complex and more challenging, nor have they ever produced such a flood of data. A company must constantly develop and adapt new processes, systems and structures to meet the increasing demands. On the other hand, the cost factor is an equally important factor. Consequently, it is vital for the company to use limited resources as efficiently as possible and in the right place. Activity sampling with the tool is exactly the right solution to obtain the relevant information as a basis for these essential decisions.

Clear and unambiguous objectives

Every strategic initiative needs clear goals, backed up by comprehensible data. Using modern technology, the tool offers a fast and reliable analysis to create the basis for improving the company and its processes.

The method is based on anonymous activities recorded by the participants themselves using modern technology, combined with approved statistical analysis.

This can show a multidimensional distribution of effective improvements for each process. Random snapshots are used to reveal the big time guzzlers in current task lists and to highlight the obstacles on the way to lean and effective processes.

  • how much potential for change processes can you expect from your projects as well as from a future work distribution?
  • what effects would different business games and scenarios have on workload and cash flow?

A work sampling study provides fact-based answers for your project by analyzing the current state of affairs. In this way, you can create an idea of an ideal future state and develop suitable solutions and strategies.